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Lovely Latte’s, I always have a LOT of books to read. And I want to share with you some recent finds. Check back often because this list changes weekly. I’ll also have interviews with some of my favorite romance authors to share!

The Ideal, by Saffiyah Ali

This story really took me by surprise. It was not as steamy as my usual reads but it was so doggone funny, sweet and cute. It gave me all the swoons. The Ideal is part of the Ramadan Nights series. Click the link below to read the author’s blurb. But trust me you’ll enjoy this unique romance.

Owned by the Billionaire, by Imani Jay.

Okay, this is more along the lines of what I usually read. Scorching hot and sweet. This is part of Imani’s Owned series. Book 2 “Owned by the Billionaire drops 5/7/21 and I can’t wait. To read the author’s blurb click the link below!

Bonus Read: Steamy Second-Chance!!!

Check out: Twelve Miles: A Second Chance Small Town Romance by Robin Edwards. Okay I had to give this book a try. Just look at this cover! Mother’s day is coming and this is all I need as a gift. This book is book 1 of her wonderful new series Serendipity Springs.

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